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Gahanna Garage Door   When it comes down to the line between a good service company, and a mediocre or even a bad one, there really just three points that, when focused on, make all the difference in the world.  Safety and reliability, friendly and professional service, and unmatched quality of handiwork all bring our customers back to us every time they need us. Gahanna Garage Door understands these points better than any in-home service specialist in the Gahanna OH area, and we aim to keep ourselves on the top of our customers call list for all of their garage door needs.  Customers call us every day because of our business philosophy, and because of the promises we make.  Those promises are of paramount importance to us, and we can prove it.
Superior Customer Service

Gahanna Garage Door beings every experience our customers have with the highest level of customer care, and dedication to quality support.  Most of our repair and installation services begin with a free over the phone assessment of every customer’s needs.  Every home and business offers a slightly different environment to work in, and we make sure our staff is more than prepared to enter the homes of our clients and meet all of their needs.  Gahanna Garage Door technicians only arrive in fully-stocked service vehicles, and the parts and equipment they carry is of the highest quality.  After a Free On-site Consultation and Safety Inspection, our experienced staff of installers can offer quotes on a huge range of services that can be tailor to meet any job, no matter the budget, and the quotes are good for 30 days.  Stellar customer service doesn’t get the job done on its own, however, and Gahanna Garage Door knows exactly what customers need besides friendly, capable technicians.

Reliable Craftsmanship
Gahanna Garage Door   Gahanna Garage Door knows the ins and outs of any garage door, and we know exactly how every type of door works—so we are not about to let our technicians drive to the local hardware store and pick up second-rate parts to install in our customer’s doors.  Only the highest name-brand parts of superior quality are used in the repairs our staff performs.  What this means for our customers is that Gahanna Garage Doorcan be counted on to provide a safe, dependable garage door repair, every time.  If a part fails on our clients’ doors, it will not be the part we just replaced. 
Hardware quality is not the only part of a reliable, high quality puzzle of service and equipment.  Offering the best services for the dollar is very important and Gahanna Garage Door can now offer Preventive Maintenance Plans to every customer.  Twice a year at the most is all one of our technicians needs to make sure your garage door is operating at maximum efficiency and full safety levels.  Commercial customers can even take advantage of our Professional Business Contracts to have us keep an eye on their large doors so they don’t have to.  We schedule the appointments well ahead of time, and we never miss an appointment for our customers.

Gahanna Garage Door an also offers night and weekend scheduling for all repairs, and even same-day service for most repair jobs.

Safety and Security at an All Time High
Gahanna Garage Door   Our clients worry about their family, employees, and property—and Gahanna Garage Door is just as concerned as they are.  Preventive Maintenance Plans, Emergency Repair Services, and even our regular repair plans are designed to offer the safest, most reliable customer experience possible.  We are never satisfied with the work we do until our customers are.  We maintain that crafting the safest environment we can is the most important part of our job, and keeping people safe from danger is our highest concern.  Gahanna Garage Door can have any door working in usually less than a day of repairs, so our clients can get the sleep they deserve knowing that what they care about is
safe from a misbehaving garage door, and from what waits on the other side of that door.

Call the professionals, today, and let Gahanna Garage Door help you with all of your garage door needs.  We are so sure of the work our technicians do, that we never leave a job until every customer has signed off on it.  Day or night, our staff is eager to help.  Find out how much we can help, today.

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